CURRENT JOB OPENINGS - Look hooman, I've got a job now~

If you love the thrill and challenge of earning credits and you're an absolute rockstar with getting your dedicated codes used, this is the perfect role for you! Show us your word-of-mouth prowess. 
Benefits: Get paid MOZO dollars. Possibility of getting converted into a full timer.

If you are living in Asia mainly Singapore, Hongkong, Thailand, Malaysia, enjoy getting your nose in and rounding up orders for friends, this one's for you!
Benefits: Guaranteed products, almost immediately. Get unlimited number of free MOZOs. Possibility of being converted to a full timer.

- Post organically daily
- Willing to stay committed with posting MOZOs once a week and share major news e.g. new launches, promos, events etc 
- Highly engaging with MOZO and personal page
- Clear, bright, sharp, high resolution, quality content/photos
- Highly motivated, takes initiatives without reminders
- Enthusiastic and loves MOZO
Benefits: Guaranteed products, 3 months probation before full time conversation and first dips/peeks on new products. GA sponsorship. Get paid MOZO dollars.  

How to apply:
Enter your information as you would into the contact form. Under the "message" field type in your Instagram handle and preferred job title before telling us why you'd like to be considered for the role. WOOF LUCK APPLICANTS. 

*Only successful applicants will be contacted.